Established 2007, Italy

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Who We Are

Turkuaz Medical was initially founded with the aim of manufacturing medical chemicals used in hospitals. Starting its journey with Ultrasound and EKG Gels manufacturing, Turkuaz succeeded to be a leader and a founder of the sector, consolidating this position with investments strengthening its R&D and Certification capabilities.

Turkuaz Medical started international sales in 2004, now, it is exporting more than 70% of its medical products to 92 country around the world. Being ranked the 3rd biggest manufacturer of some of its products is one of its biggest achievements.

Turkuaz ambitions wasn’t exclusive to the medical sector, the OTC and dermocosmetics was a domain to excel at too, this domain which was in constant growth since 2012, welcomed Turkuaz as an effective actor in 2012 after the company’s extensive R&D and Market researches with Konicare, JoyDrops and Biodrops as trademarks.

With a 90 % export focused business strategy the company is one of strongest private label manufacturers in the local market.

Our Vision:

To lead the Medical and Chemical Industry while achieving Consumer, Costumer, Staff and stakeholders’ satisfaction. To strengthen the reputation of our trademark locally and internationally, by making the necessary investments and continually upgrading our infrastructures.

Our Mission:

Our Mission: To manufacture Medical, OTC and Dermocosmetic products conforming to the national and international standards while protecting environment and human health. With our philosophy “Quality Product at the lowest price point” we try to meet the needs of the consumers willing to take their lifestyles to the next level. We keep our exceptional R&D efforts and our immense production capabilities flexible to the market needs. This quality allows us to keep a steady growth proportional to the market’s growth. We also provide our stuff with the right motivations to unlock their potentials create a healthy, happy and dynamic work environment.

Our Values:

Honesty and Transparency Responsibility and Competition, Justice, Environment Awareness and Perfection Mutual Respect and Love Happiness of Employees and Customers Respect to Local Cultures, Social Responsibility Awareness


2000 Foundation 2001 First production facility was established. Initiating Ultrasound Gel production. 2002 Obtaining ISO 9001 certificate. Initiating X-Ray Bath Solutions Production 2004 Accessing the international market 2005 First Participation in Arab Health Expo / Dubai 2006 Opening of a 2000 m2 Production Facility First Participation in Medica Fair / Germany Establishment of R&D and Quality Control Laboratory 2007 Obtaining ISO 13485 certificate and CE Marking. Initiating Sterile Ultrasound Gel production Initiating Lubricant Gel production 2008 Initiating Antibacterial Gel production 2010 Initiating Dermocosmetic products production 2011 Initiating sexual health care products production. First Participation in Eurofime Fair / Germany First Participation in Venus Fair/ Berlin, Germany Reaching 50 export destination 2012 First Participation in Macao Fair / Hong Kong Obtaining FDA compliance for Ultrasound Gel Initiating Gynotal Sterile Obstetric Gel production Establishment of Microbiology Laboratory 2013 Initiating OTC products production First Participation in Fime Fair / Miami, USA 2014 Obtaining FDA compliance for Sterile Ultrasound Gel Opening of a 5000 m2 Facility Reaching 92 export destination 2015 Obtaining CE Marking for sexual health care products

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